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Outpatient Services

Although it is usually true that time heals most wounds, there are instances in which stressors are so overwhelming that individuals feel unable to cope with every day life issues. Outpatient therapy provided in a confidential setting encourages open communication about mental health and substance abuse issues. This supportive environment allows individuals to focus attention on difficult life issues resulting in an improvement in their quality of life. Individuals with mental health conditions and concerns can find comprehensive assistance from the caregivers and programs at Warren Yazoo Behavioral Health. 

Our clinical teams of psychiatrists, psychologist, clinical therapists, community support specialists, and substance abuse counselors provide multidisciplinary mental health services ranging from brief outpatient treatments to intensive crisis care. Outpatient therapy works for managing family conflict, depression, anxiety, marital problems, or the stresses of parenting children. Professional therapists help couples solve disagreements about in-laws, money, intimacy, marital issues, family relationships, and balancing responsibilities of life. 

The staff at Warren Yazoo Behavioral Health can provide a fresh perspective and offer practical approaches to better enable individuals or those they care about to take control of the situations which have had a negative impact on their lives. Our agency offers many outpatient services, including community support, counseling, help with daily living skills, and individually tailored services essential to the achievement and maintenance of a stable and satisfying life in the community.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, in Warren County call 601-638-0031, in Yazoo County call 662-746-5712.

Walk-in appointments are taken at 8 a.m. Monday - Friday. 

Outpatient Therapy
Outpatient Therapy is the process of meeting with a Master's level therapist for the purpose of addressing and resolving specific concerns, issues, and symptoms.
Nursing Services
Together with a treatment team, psychiatric nurses develop detailed plans to provide comprehensive care client's need to manage their prescribed medication regime and support their recovery process.
Psychiatric Services
Initial psychiatric evaluations assist in determining diagnosis, developing treatment plans, and, if necessary, prescribing appropriate medication for each client.
Jeanine Hanks, Warren County Outpatient Director LSW, LMFT