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Child and Adolescent Services

Childhood is a time for growing, learning, and 

forming the values we carry through life. 

But for some, childhood can be an uncertain and even frightening time. Without intervention, troubled children often become troubled adults. Warren Yazoo Behavioral Health emphasizes child/parent guidance and support for at-risk children and adolescents through several youth service programs.

Day Treatment is a therapeutic service designed for individuals who require more intensive services than individual therapy. Day treatment programs provide an alternative to inpatient psychiatric and/or residential placement. These programs work closely with school districts to meet the needs of students with serious emotional/behavioral issues. Day Treatment Services are part of an array of services available to serve the behavioral health needs of children/youth. A treatment plan is developed for each individual based on their clinical diagnosis, strengths, and need areas. The overall goal of day treatment is to help the child/youth to remain in his/her home, school, and community.  Day Treatment is certified by the Department of Mental Health and has to meet a minimum of two hours per day, 2 days per week up to 5 hours per day, 5 days per week. The hours do not have to be consecutive. For further information in Yazoo County you may contact Suzanne Lancaster, Regional Children’s Services Director at 662-746-5712 or slancaster @warren-yazoo.org or contact Alisha Creel, M.Ed., LPC-S, Day Treatment Coordinator in Warren County at 601-638-0031 ext 3040 acreel@warren-yazoo.org. 

Individual/Family Therapy provides face-to-face contact with a Master's Level Therapist and the child, his/her family, and/or significant others during which time relative issues are addressed. These issues include but are not limited to the following: assessment, evaluation, multi-treatment planning, family background, educational/vocational achievements, presenting problems, and medical history. The goal of this service is to improve the child/youth's overall level of adaptive functioning within the family and in society.

Group Therapy  A Master's level therapist provides face-to-face therapy to at least four or more clients (as prescribed in the individualized treatment plan) at a time.

Community Support Services for students is an essential communication link between school and home, this service assures continuing care for children at risk. The Community Support Specialist also assists schools, parents and families in fully understanding the special problems and needs of children.

Specialized care for abused and neglected kids For many years Warren Yazoo Behavioral Health has served the community in child abuse intervention. Child Abuse Therapists help children learn to discuss and understand their feelings and to deal with past events. Individual, group, and family therapy sessions address problems in parent/child relationships, sibling and peer relationships, and problems with communication and coping.

Psychological testing For children and adolescents who exhibit behavior problems, trouble in learning, or inappropriate response to normal situations and stresses, testing can help pinpoint individual needs. A staff psychologist administers tests, interprets results, and offers recommendations for guidance in areas of concern

Educational programs For teachers, principals, clergy, church staff and other professionals dealing with children and adolescents, our educational programs offer help in developing programs for building self-esteem and for children with special needs, we also offer behavior management workshops.

The NAVIGATE program provides services to youth/young adults 15- 30 years of age who have experienced a first episode of psychosis inclusive of diagnosis in the schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders. 

The Juvenile Outreach Program provides individual, family, group, and other mental health services to adolescents who are seriously emotionally disturbed and/or who have a substance abuse diagnosis as directed by the individualized treatment plan. 

MAP Teams serve the target population of children and youth (up to 21 years of age) with serious emotional/behavioral disorders or serious mental illness who are at-risk for entering an inpatient hospital or facility due to lack of availability of services and supports.  MAP Teams also serve those children/youth who are returning to their home/community from an inpatient acute psychiatric hospital or psychiatric residential treatment facility. At-risk is defined as 1) actual consideration of being placed out of the home at the time the referral is made or 2) community resources are unable to meet the needs of the child and/or family at the time of the referral.